Ginseng & Ginsenosides

Protective Effect of Ginsenoside Rh3 against Anticancer Drug-induced Apoptosis in Kidney Cells

Ginsenosides are active components of Panax ginseng that exert various health benefits including kidney protection effect. The present study investigated the kidney-protective effects of ginsenosides Rh3 against cisplatin, a platinum based anticancer drug, induced apoptotic damage in renal proximal LLC-PK1 cells.

While cisplatin is one of the most effective chemotherapeutic drugs used for the treatment of various solid tumors, cisplatin nephrotoxicity is highly prevalent. Ginsenoside Rh3 is known to exert moderate cytotoxic effects from concentration range of 5–80μM on human cancer HepG2 cells. Therefore, ginsenoside Rh3 may reduce nephrotoxicity without interfering with anticancer activity.


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